Mera Brothers Oysters

Mera Brothers Oysters

Mera Brothers OystersMera Brothers OystersMera Brothers Oysters

from oyster creek, Davis, NC


Oysters provide an essential function in the environment, filtering out  more  than 50 gallons of water per day. This attracts other wildlife providing them with nurseries which in turn help to keep NC’s estuaries clean. 

Our Oysters are hand harvested directly from the waters of Oyster Creek and taken to our walk in coolers at our Co-op, then shipped out to restaurants and local markets for your oyster needs. Our oysters are a true labor of love, from us to y’all! NC sourced and raised. We take great care into making our product as perfect as possible for our consumers.

Soon you’ll be able to enjoy our oysters at any Whole Foods in the South Eastern United States.

Y’all enjoy! 



 Our SageWave(TM) oysters are green-gill oysters. They have a distinctive green pigmentation from a particular type of algae. This is a special trait found in France and other parts of the world. It produces a wonderful earthy flavor and perfect amount of liquor. This pigmentation was initially found in wild oysters near our farm and has now given our Mera Brothers Oysters a unique flavor profile.   


About us

 We are three hard-working brothers with different skills and a dream to produce the best local oysters NC coastal waters have to offer. We believe that great-tasting oysters happen through sustainable mariculture and great attention to detail. We are a growing company and constantly expanding our reach to new restaurants in NC and beyond. 

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Mera Brothers Oysters

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